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Music is Not Just for Dancing

I’m Giora Tal and music is my greatest passion. While I am no superstar or bad-ass music critic, music has been the center of my life since I remember myself. I play the guitar to relax, write songs to process, listen to music to connect and go to concerts to escape. Well, actually it’s not as simple as that. My relationship with music is way more complicated and messy. But it’s a neat layout so let’s keep it that way (I am an order-loving computer geek after all…).

Anyway! What’s my point? Music has seen me through good times and bad times in my life, and there have been many of both. It’s such a powerful tool, I really don’t know what I would do without it. Now I feel I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to share this appreciation with others, share the knowledge I have accumulated and basically teach whoever’s interested everything I know about music. So, that’s my point. That’s the goal of this website. But before I jump into the world of lyrics and tunes, let me tell you a little about myself:

The Whirlwind Years

I was born in 1978 in the United States to Russian immigrants. Our family first moved to Israel in the early 1970s – if you were wondering about my name, there’s your answer – but before they managed to get properly settled, my mom and dad moved to New York just a few months before I was born. My dad was a classical violinist before he emigrated but it turns out music wasn’t enough to make ends meet in the land of opportunity. He tried teaching, but the language barrier proved to be formidable, and he moved back to Israel. So, I have basically spent my life hopping between three very different musical cultures. Sometimes they coexist in harmony, other times it is a complete cacophony.

Today I live in Portland and I love it. Did you know its unofficial slogan is, Keep Portland Weird!? A weird dude in a weird place with great coffee and a legendary music scene, that’s me… I work for a computer store as a sales person, and in my spare time, I play guitar, write songs and build websites. Also, I have recently started taking some radio courses online, which brings me to my dream – radio.

Let Your Beat Set the Rhythm

This blog is my first step towards my future radio show. It will be full of my favorite music – indie, pop, folk, and rock, but it will also be much more. I’m going to show you where the power comes from, how music can and does change lives, how it changed mine, and hopefully, through the melodies, the words and the ingenious connections between them, I will also show you how it can change yours.

This is for all my fellow music lovers around the world, for music explorers and poets, and especially for those who can feel the beat in their heart but haven’t yet let it set the rhythm of their life. Let’s do this!

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