Every now and then two complete opposites just work. Like who would’ve thought that an amalgamation of punk and disco could ever work? Well I kid you not, it really does – and proof in point is LCD Soundsystem. Oh and in case you are thinking that they broke up years ago, hail the Gods of sound: they are back in full swing!

What Happened?

Nobody really knows why James Murphy and his band broke up in 2011. There was an announcement and a farewell concert. Nothing was ever really explained – even in the high-profile documentary that was meant to be released for this exact purpose. They were simply jamming year after year, and then they stopped. But, regardless of the reasons behind the break-up – LCD Soundsystem has made a relentless comeback with an action-packed new album called American Dream.

Continuing a Flawless Discography

After producing some of the finest albums of the century, LCD Soundsystem gets right back on track with American Dream – yet another triumph. Long weary of lightweight novelty hits, Murphy hits eardrums hard with 10 tracks that are multi-faceted and complex. It’s one of those albums that absolutely insist that you pay attention and take time to absorb twists, turns and hidden nuances. From hushed crooning to 1980s inspired drumming, all the way through to jaunty disco – every track grabs in a different way.

Fusion as Only LCD can do

There is a bit of David Bowie in there, balanced out with some Bono; you will pick up a bit of flourishing Andrew Belew-style guitaring in direct contrast with a rap. Throw in some bizarrely enjoyable Kraftwerk inspired electronic ballads and there you have it. If it’s an electro-punk rush with some heartfelt sentiment you’re after, this is the album to get.



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