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Kutiman – 6AM (2016)

Siyal June 17, 2016

Kutiman's 6am album cover

Kutiman (Ophir Kutiel) is an Israeli Musician and producer, famous for his mind blowing project “ThruYou” (2009) where he mixed different videos from various unknown artists from youtube craeting his own masterpiece. The album beacame a Viral Sensation which gained him a worldwide fame, (Time magazine selected him for one of the 50 most important inventions of 2009)  The sucess of the project led Kutiman to work on a second album, “ThruYou too” (2014).

His new album 6am has Only 7 pieces, but i don’t see it as a short album, but rather as one long and uniform piece divided into several chapters, with the opening of ‘Jaffa Beach’ (the rock-bluesi ah la black keys), the middle (‘Zelimim’ ‘I Think I Am’) and a series of strong songs combining nostalgic psychedelic rock, rock and roll root, seasoned with groove and funk, combined with influences from the Middle East all the way to Africa. This album illustrate how much Kutiman is a boundless artist.

Watch my favorite song from the album: Kutiman feat. Adam Scheflan – Shine Again